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The Pros and Cons of Buying Diamonds Online

Although it may seem like a risky venture to buy jewelry online, buying over the Internet can be a very safe way to buy the most beautifully cut diamonds at the best prices out there. Of course there are pros and cons to doing this. Let’s look at those first!

Selection – when you shop online, you can find the best-cut and lovely diamonds. This is because many Internet sellers list entire wholesaler inventories, whereas most stores that buy diamonds can only buy so many and may not have the knowledge or desire to stock the best ones.
Prices -The Internet prices are excellent too because the market is so large and they are all competing for your business and because of lower operation cost for some and many dealers are competing to sell the very same diamonds. Not to mention that you can save on taxes by getting the diamond shipped to you from another state.
Flexibility - One benefits of Internet shopping is the ability to have diamonds shipped to you where you can view them in the best possible light. Online consumers can also take a diamond shipped to them to a local jeweler to make comparisons. You should simply be aware of the return policy of the vendor from whom you buy.
 Uncertainty – you may not get what you pay for
No trust – will you get what is promised?
Doubts – Can you get your money back if its not what you wanted?
If you really want to be sure that your internet purchase is a good one you will need to educate yourself on the subject first. Before you shop, you need to get a good education about diamonds and what makes one more valuable and beautiful than the next. You will also want to pay special attention to crown and pavilion angles which are not shown on GIA reports.

Make sure that you also compare prices. Once you know what you are looking for, do a search to see what diamonds are listed and to compare prices. Use the search results that you can find online as a general indication of price for the items that are entered. You will need to be aware that many vendors list the same diamonds from wholesaler lists, so some diamonds may not be available when you call to ask about them. They may have been sold by another dealer, or they may be out on inspection only to be returned by a customer at a later date.
Check the vendors' references, credentials and services. Here is where you will want to exercise your own judgment and precautions when dealing with online sellers. The fact is that if you do your homework and get some reviews, you should be fine.