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How to Buy Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are basically nothing more than single diamonds that have not yet been set in a ring or another piece of jewelry.
These are getting to be very popular these days. They are available in a variety of cuts, shapes, and sizes. After you have chosen a loose diamond that looks just right to you, you can have it set into any piece of jewelry. Most people will set a loose diamond in an engagement ring setting.

There are a variety of different shapes that you can choose from for purchases of loose diamonds. Some of the more popular shapes include round, pear, emerald, princess, and radiant cuts. You can also choose from oval, marquise, heart, asscher and triangle cut diamonds.
After you have decided on a shape of diamond that best suits your taste, you must look for the Four Cs of diamond quality before making a purchase.

The Four Cs of diamond quality are cut, clarity, carat, and of course the color. They are used to determine the rarity and value of different loose diamonds.
Diamonds with the highest combination of Four C ratings are the most rare and expensive types of diamonds. In this case you may want to decide which of the Four Cs is most important to you and choose a loose diamond according to that ideal.

The first C in diamond quality is cut and it refers to the varied proportions and angles of a diamond. The clarity rating is based on the presence of inclusions, such as fractures or minerals, in a diamond. Diamonds that have fewer inclusions are more valuable than diamonds with inclusions. Carat ratings refer to the weight of a diamond.

Lastly, color shows how close a diamond is to being colorless. That is what you are aiming at here.

When it comes to buying a diamond, you are going to want to choose loose diamonds that will work best for what you want them for. For example if you are buying it for the sole purpose of having it set in an engagement ring, you will want to take the personality of the wearer into consideration.
After that if you are educated on diamonds, you can then make a good decision on what is best to buy.
All you have to do then is find the right dealer. You can find one online or you can visit a jewelry store. If you really want a deal you can check out auction sites or resellers of diamods. If all is still lost get your diamonds from a wholesaler.